Extreme Kart is the new line of karts produced by Righetti Ridolfi SPA, world market leader for the manufacture of high quality kart components. The company is an industrial group with an Italian heart and a European spirit which offers security to its customers by establishing a rapport with each of them in which the word partnership rings true and which is based on the optimal use of resources in researching, producing and distributing the product.
The use of Righetti Ridolfi components in the Extreme Kart line has enabled the manufacture of a highly reliable, extremely competitive product and all at an incredible price: it ranks top of the market for quality/price relation.
Thanks to Righetti Ridolfi’s vast sales network, over 1700 dealers in 87 countries worldwide, it is quick, cheap and easy to purchase Extreme Kart spare parts and consumable components.
All Extreme Kart chassis, including brakes and bodyworks, are CIK/FIA approved.
Extreme Kart: the karting revolution.
Code EX-TEWF302WP4P50
Version WF 30mm
CIK/FIA homologation a norma
Category World Formula
Pipes CR-MO steel
Pipes diameter 30mm
Frame red
Frame weight 13,3 Kg
Front width 730mm
Front Height adjustment with 4 thickness
Front adjustment caster camber through their eccentrics
Pitch 1040mm
Lenght 1505mm
Rear Height adjustment triple position
Rear width 640mm
Stabilizing bars front bar
Brake system Righetti Ridolfi 4P100 type, hydraulic, homologation CIK/FIA 152/FR/14
Front brake caliper not available
Front brake disk not available
Spindles HQ type, bearing 8mm, wheel pin 17mm, chromed
Front hubs not available
Brake pump 4P100 type, hydraulic, black anodized
Brake pipe steel braid, outside PVC covered
Rear brake caliper 4P100 type, hydraulic, black anodized
Rear brake disk cast iron, self-ventilated, 200X12mm type
Pedals crhomed steel
Base Plate aluminium black anodized
Steering wheel ø 320mm chamois leather covered, black
Tank capacity 9 lt.
Bodyworks Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 type, black, homologation CIK/FIA 95-96-102-103/CA/14
Kit of stickers for bodywork standard
Bodyworks supports rubber anti-vibration, with lock ring
Rear bumper XTR14 type, black
Seat X Seats X6 type, flat, transparent
Engine mount alluminium
Silencer holder chromed, adjustable height and rotation
Number of bearings 3